Questions and answers about your digital toll product!

Register within seconds and drive off completely without stickers.

How does the registration work?

It's that simple:


Toll product selection

You choose the toll product you need for your trip to/through Slovenia.


License plate and payment

Enter your license plate number and make sure it is correct! Then select a payment method of your choice.


Product validity

After a few seconds / minutes you will receive an email confirmation with a QR code. Now your license plates are successfully registered at the toll station and you can drive off without attaching a sticker and without a waiting period!

Valid immediately, no waiting time!

We register your license plates immediately with the official Slovenian toll provider, you can start driving within seconds / minutes!

Since February 2022 there are no more adhesive vignettes. To use freeways and expressways in Slovenia you need a digital vignette if you are driving a car, camper or motorcycle with a maximum weight of less than 3.5 tons. Trailers are exempt from this requirement. Motor vehicles with a maximum permissible weight that exceeds 3.5 tons are subject to tolls depending on the route.

No. You no longer need a physical product after successful registration. The digital vignette is linked to your license plate number and the system automatically recognizes whether and for which period your digital vignette is valid.

After you have paid for your order, we will immediately start registering your license plates on your behalf. This usually takes less than 2 minutes! After successful registration with the official toll provider in Slovenia, you will receive a registration confirmation with a QR code by mail. Your toll product is now valid and you can start driving!

No, it is not mandatory to carry it with you. However, we recommend that you take the order confirmation with you in case of problems.

We offer the following payment methods: Credit Card, Giropay, Sofortüberweisung, iDEAL, EPS, S€PA, PayPal

Using a folding rule, measure the height of your vehicle at the front axle starting from the ground in the middle of your tire vertically upwards. If the measured point of the hood or, if applicable, already of the windshield, in a vertical measurement, is 1.3 m or higher, you generally need the toll class 2B. Otherwise, 2A is sufficient in principle. If you have any questions about toll class classification, contact our customer service.

You can get the 7-day-vignette for Slovenia from 13,90. You can also get the 1-month-vignette for Slovenia from 40,90 or the 12-month-vignette for Slovenia from 67,90.

The vignette for Slovenia is available in our online shop.